How to synchronize my DRM protected books across my devices with the cloud ?

The file containing a DRM protected book is associated with the device when you download it, and thus cannot be copied to another one. This is why you can’t use the cloud to send your DRM protected books to another device.

We can not go against it, because it is to ensure compliance with copyright.

However, you can synchronize the reading status and annotations between devices for DRM protected books. For this you must:

•    On device A (in which you have the DRM protected book file)
     a.    Select the book (Book A for our explanation) 
     b.    Tap on the "Sync" button and choose the "Synchronize" option
•    On device B (another Device)
     a.    Tap on the “refresh” button  
     b.    At the end of the sync, the Book A will be displayed on the “Bookshelf”
          i.    The  icon   indicates that the book is protected and the file is missing. 
     c.    Click on the book to open it, a popup asks you to download the file from where you bought it.
     d.    Do it and then import it into your library. During the import, Mantano Reader will detect that it is the Book A. 
          i.    From that moment on, your reading status and your notes will be automatically synchronized between the two devices.


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