How to back up my data before a reset ?

To back up your notes and highlights, you need to save the file mreader-premium.db present in the /Mantano folder. In addition, if you have sketch notes, you need to save the folder /notes-premium which is in the same /Mantano folder.

This post describes where all data are stored.

Once you will have reinstalled the reader, you just need to replace the new file mreader-premium.db with your back up file (and the folder /notes-premium with your back up folder too in the case of sketch notes).

The files of the books need to be placed exactly at the same location where they were before uninstalling and performing the reset, and they must have the same file names. If it is not the case, you'll have the possibility to link the files with the books on the bookshelf again, but you'll have to do it one by one.

You can make sure were are all these files before uninstalling by going into your Bookshelf and opening their information windows with a long press on each of them, you will find their access path in this window.


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