Why storing books on the external SD is not supported?

Since the kitkat Android version, it is not allowed any more to write into the external Storage. More info here.
Mantano Reader doesn’t copy files in a specific folder, it just stores the access paths to the files in order to avoid having duplicated files cluttering up memory space. External storages are not a stable location as you can remove or replace them and we strongly advise against storing your book files there.
If you remove or replace an external memory where books have been stored, here are the problems that you may experience:

1/ The library won’t be able to find the files:
If your device happens to have a problem preventing from accessing the SD card, the library won’t be able to find the files corresponding to the books.

2/ There is a risk for the books and their classification to be deleted from the library:
When using the Import function, the reader will scan the books on your Bookshelf and check if the files still exist where they should be. If it is not the case, it will offer you to erase them from the Bookshelf. You will lose the tags, collections and all the meta-data of the book previously added (Author, Publisher, …).

3/ The application will not properly work if it has not been correctly shut down:
If you remove the SD card (physically or via Storage Unmount) while Mantano Reader is not totally stopped (i.e. Force closed with the applications manager, see the following article about this), the application itself may have difficulties to work and a reinstallation may become necessary.

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