Should I choose to synchronize "All" books in sync settings?

Bookari contains a "Synced books" option in Sync Settings, with two choices: "All" and "Selected books only". This article will guide you to choose the best option for you needs.

Synchronize "All" books (recommended)

This is the default setting. Once chosen, all your library's books will be synchronized with the Cloud on the next synchronization. Moreover, every time you import a new book to your library, it is automatically added to your Cloud account.

You can still un-synchronize a book manually with "Sync > Remove" in the Edit toolbar of the Books list. 

This option is recommended if you want all your books to be backed up on Bookari Cloud. However, if you have a very large library, you may not be able to synchronize all your books. Consider subscribing to a larger pack to extend the available storage.

Synchronize "Selected books only"

The application will not add any book to your Cloud account unless you choose them explicitly with "Sync > Synchronize" in the Edit toolbar of the Books list.


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