What are tags and how to use them

Tags are additional information appended to a book or document for a quick identification.
Tags are created on the fly, when they are associated to an element. Managing the tags associated to an element is straightforward:

Open the Tag Edition view:
  • From the Book details, tapping on the Tag button
  • From the toolbar, after having selected, at least one item in the list, tapping on the Tag button
Android devices only – Using the overflow button on each item  and selecting the “Tag” menu
The tag editor is displayed

  • Enter the tag name. While you type, Bookari Reader suggests existing tag names. You can select one of them to use an existing tag, or type a new tag name.
  • Click on the Add button
  • Click on the Close button to validate and save
  • The new tag will be added to the item’s tag list
  • To delete a tag, simply click on the tag name.


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