How to open a Barnes & Noble ebook (Nook book)

If you are unsuccessful when entering your Name and Code to open your Nook book, see the following explanation as to how it works, taken from Barnes & Noble FAQ:

" You should be able to unlock the NOOK Book from Barnes & with this information:
  • Unlock Name: Full name on your Billing Address Unlock Code: 15 or 16 digit credit card on record as your default credit card when you downloaded the NOOK Book
  • Please replace the *'s with the actual credit card numbers.
  • If you don't have the credit card you previously used to unlock the NOOK Book, please try adding a new credit card on your Account page. After adding a new card, re-download your purchased NOOKbooks, and try unlocking them with the new credit card number. (You might want to delete the old copies of your NOOKbooks first, to avoid confusion. The old and new copies will have the same file names.) "

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