Night mode, Sepia display, font change, theme customization

Changing themes  (EPUB)

You can change the theme by tapping on the Themes icon in the toolbar.
In the popup window being displayed you can choose Sepia  or any other theme you have created yourself previously (see below).

Creating custom themes (EPUB, Premium and Essentials version)

To create your  own theme, just tap on New in the bottom of this window. Then you type  the name that you want to give it, and tap on the Create button to enter  the Edition/Creation menu. There you can do your own settings for the  font, line height, text alignment, text and background color, margins,  etc. You can use one of the pre-installed fonts or any other fonts that  you would have previously added by yourself on your device.

​Night mode (EPUB & PDF)

The Night mode (white text on a black background) is available for PDF as for EPUB. You switch between this mode and the standard mode with the Night mode icon present in the toolbar.

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