Why are my custom themes not fully working for certain epubs ?

A book in EPUB format is composed of several files and folders assembled together in a container which has a .epub file extension. It contains text (HTML files), images (.jpg, .png or .svg files), style sheets (CSS files) and files describing the structure of the book and its metadata.

Bookari Premium and Bookari Essentials enable you to customize the style of EPUB books, with the Theme menu. To achieve this, they add a .css file with the parameters that you chose in the style editor. In certain cases, some parameters chosen by you won’t be taken into account:
  • If the EPUB file doesn’t rigorously respect the separation between style attributes and text content and if some style attributes are written directly in the HTML file.
            Example: <DIV style="font-family:Arial">
  • If in the CSS file some styles are applied to specific elements.
            Examples: - In the HTML file
                                                <DIV id="container">

                            - In the CSS file

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