Does Bookari support the RTL languages like Arabic or Hebrew?

Yes, Bookari support right to left languages like Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, ...

To enjoy it, you just need to follow this steps :


1. Create a custom theme

  1. Click on the Theme button to create a new theme
  2. In the theme edition, click on Font Family. If you only have the Default font, you will see a button to download more fonts (see picture below)
  3. After the download, select the font that you want. For example, for arabic language you can choose "trado" or  "arabtype" 
  4. Tap on  OK in the theme edition panel

2. If the font that you want is not in the downloadable fonts, add your own fonts

Copy the right font (under the form of the .ttf file) in the /mantano/fonts folder on the device. These fonts can be found for free on the web.

3. Apply the new theme to the book

Tap on Apply in the theme selection popup

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