In which folder are stored the files and data ?

Before all, you need to have a file explorer like ES File Explorer (free application).

The access paths below are located in the external storage folder of the device. These paths depend on the device and the Android versions:
  • /sdcard
  • /mnt/sdcard
  • /storage/sdcard0 (android 4.1)
  • /storage/emulated/[user ID] (android 4.2 supports multi-users)

The files created by Bookari are stored in the following places:
  • Database (.db): /Mantano  (mreader-premium.db for the Premium version, mreader-normal.db for the Essentials version, and mreader-lite.db for the Lite version)
  • Sketch notes : /Mantano/notes-premium or /Mantano/notes-normal or /Mantano/notes-lite depending on your Mantano Reader version
  • Dictionaries : /mreader
  • Notes exported with the Review sheet function:  /Mantano/Notes
  • Book covers/Mantano/[book_file_name]/

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