Bookari: Share & sync

How to start using Sync in Bookari?

Bookari automatically backs up your reading and annotations on the Cloud and synchronizes them between all your devices. When you open a book that you are also reading on another device, it will be opened on th...

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How to Share books and annotations?

Click on the small "Share" icon close to the book cover in the Library; Select a set of contacts or enter their emails; They will receive an email to notify them that you want to share a book with them; ...

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See others' annotations while I read a book

By default, when opening the book you will only see your annotations. To see annotations of other persons with whom you have shared the book: Click on the sharing icon, which can be found in the toolbar and i...

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Unconfirmed cloud accounts are deleted

The creation of a Mantano Cloud account is followed by an automatic sending of an email containing a link that you must click to complete the account. This confirmation mechanism is used to ensure that a perso...

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Should I choose to synchronize "All" books in sync settings?

Bookari contains a "Synced books" option in Sync Settings, with two choices: "All" and "Selected books only". This article will guide you to choose the best option for you needs. Synchronize "All" books (recom...

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Login from Kindle

Unfortunately, on Kindle devices you cannot log in with a GMail address. You must either connect with another non-GMail address or connect with your Facebook account.

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