Adobe DRM

How to read Adobe DRM protected books

Before reading your first DRM protected book, you need to activate the reader once for all with your Adobe ID and Password: When you are in the Library, tap on the Settings icon, and then on the “Adobe DRM” ...

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How to open a Barnes & Noble ebook (Nook book)

If you are unsuccessful when entering your Name and Code to open your Nook book, see the following explanation as to how it works, taken from Barnes & Noble FAQ: " You should be able to unlock the NOOK Boo...

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What to do when getting a "Number of activations exceeded" message ?

When you get this message you need to contact Adobe's customer service and ask them to reset your number of activations. You can find the link to this service at the "What is the maximum number of computers an...

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How can I get the Adobe DRM books that I have bought from ADE on my PC into the reader ?

You can transfer your DRM-protected books to your Android device via an USB connection and with a drag-and-drop in Adobe Digital Editions (your Android device should appear in the left column of ADE when connec...

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How to open my ACSM file ?

If you can download your acsm through a web browser, you will have the possibility to open it directly with Mantano Reader. Also, the file explorer of the reader displays the acsm files. If you click on such a ...

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