Known issues

2.3.12 / 1.2.4: Looping on a page in PDF reflow mode

Version Premium 2.3.12 (Lite/Essentials 1.2.4): When reading a PDF in Reflow mode, it happens from time to time that the reader gets stuck on a page and that the only way to escape is to resize the font or to u...

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Why is it difficult to highlight my PDF document ?

Mantano Reader does not support properly malformed PDF documents, for example, those generated by Word or Chrome. Thus, it is often laborious or even impossible to highlight this sort of PDFs. This is a known...

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Toolbar sometimes displayed in the middle of the screen

Sometimes when switching from landscape to portrait mode a horizontal bar appears in the middle of the screen. We haven’t found a solution to fix that for the moment and will keep on investigating the issue. To...

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Why is it difficult to highlight when using a custom theme ?

This can happen when using a custom theme for which you have selected “Force background color on all elements”. This option highly affects the text selection accuracy, causing the creation of additional selecti...

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Text overlapping images in epubs

In some cases of epub books, text happens to overlap the images. This is a known issue and the developers have started to investigate it. They have found no solution for the moment but they keep on working on t...

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