Tips to speed up the processing of my posts to the support

​Update your app to the latest version
Latest availables versions are  displayed in a box in the right area of this page.

Avoid mixing bug reports & feature requests
In order not to slow down the resolution of bugs, try to avoid mixing bug reports and feature requests in the same message. Both are forwarded to different teams: bug reports are examined by the support, while feature requests are managed by the marketing team. The less time the support team spends on feature requests listing, the more they can deal with bug fixing.

Indicate app and cloud account details
To help us provide you the best support, please check the number of the latest version in the right margin of this page and update to this version if you have not already done so. Then, please send us your app details: 
  • Go to Bookshelf/settings
  • Tap on About/About Mantano Reader...
  • Tap on "Copy"
  • Go to the email you will send to us and tap on "Paste". This way, we have all the information we need to better help you

​Give us a detailed description

Try to give a detailed description of the problem: for instance, does it happen on epubs or pdfs, does it happen all the time or in certain particular cases, ... The idea is that if we can reproduce the bug on our devices with these indications, it will make it much easier to fix. 


Include screenshots & book files if possible
In some cases, it is very helpful if you can send a book with which you have the bug that you are describing. 


​Add a log for force closes
If your problem is a Force Close or a freeze of the reader in certain situations, sending a log of your system saved after the Force Close or during the freeze can be extremely helpful. If your Android version is prior to Jelly Bean (4.1) you can get the log easily with the application aLogcat. If you have Jelly Bean and beyond, the operation is too technical, so we'll try to reproduce the bug on our devices and get the log by ourselves.

Write your message in english or french
Spanish and german are not spoken by all members of the team, and for other languages we'll use google translate to try to understand, but this will not make communication easy.


If we don’t get enough information in your message we’ll ask you for more details, but multiple exchanges of mails result in slower resolutions of problems.
Think to check if your question has not already been answered in the posts of the assistance portal. If it is the case you’ll have thus an immediate answer.



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