News about the EPUB 3 support

We are very proud to announce that we have released the EPUB3 support based on the Readium SDK in our apps Bookari Premium and Bookari for iOS.
Readium SDK is an international collaborative project launched by the Readium Foundation in wich Mantano is a very active member. The Readium SDK is a project in progress, we are using the latest in our apps.
​For now, the EPUB3 support is not fully implemented. It will be improved and completed progressively in our apps.

Supported features are the folowing :
  • Fixed layout and reflowable books
  • Embedded videos, sounds and SVG animations
  • Paginated or single-column scroll display mode for reflowable books
  • Horizontal swipe animations for paginated mode
  • Footnotes displayed in a pop-up
  • Night mode
  • Edition of custom themes with custom fonts that overwrite publisher styles
  • Highlights and bookmarks functions.
  • Text selection (copy, dictionary)
  • Search within the current book
  • EPUB 3 books can be opened as EPUB 2 or EPUB 3. Each book has an “Open with” setting set to “Default” when first imported. This behavior can be overriden by explicitly setting “Open with” to EPUB 2 or EPUB 3.
  • Transparently switch between EPUB 2 and EPUB 3 viewers while accessing notes and bookmarks created in the other viewer.
Some features are not yet supported as the page turning animation.

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